The true heart of AnyTime DJ lies in the ability to enhance any event through the careful selection and broadcasting of music and mastery of ceremonies


Ensure you're having the time of your life when surrounded by your closest family and friends.  


Let AnyTime DJ work with you on making your personal, special event the most enjoyable by understanding your circle of people, and what you want.  


All weddings include face to face consultation to ensure complete confidence in the most critical element of your special day - the atmosphere.

Birthday parties, christenings, or just getting together with friends can all be enhanced with the right selction of music.


Give the right vibe and longevity to any event on your shop floor.


Whether it's launching a new product range, or hosting a range of VIP guests, the control of the atmosphere is essential to generate the strongest impact with your customers.


AnyTime DJ can also spruik about your product range thanks to an extensive retail background to ensure your messages on the night have the right amount of cut through.


Taking your team out for a good time?  Make sure they have it, whether it's with chilled background music or a fully loaded dance party!



Take advantage of a DJ who works with your venue goals to ensure you have the right atmosphere.

Years of DJ'ing have allowed AnyTime DJ to understand the importance of reading the floor and focus on keeping people on it, not sticking with a pre-determined set list.

Learning to DJ from such a young age enabled DJ Jimmy to beatmix by sound, not visual BPM levels, a critical element in ensuring mixing music to a high standard.  

Nothing gives a greater thrill than seeing people enjoying themselves from music selected and mixed right.

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