AnyTime DJ is owned and operated solely by DJ Jimmy, a DJ with over 18 years experience in Perth.  His love for music began very early on when his sister (being 5 years older than him) began introducing him to various types of music whilst in her own teenage years. Music ranged from dance, to R&B and pop.  Also heavily involved in music was DJ Jimmy’s brother who introduced the very alternative side to his sister’s music in the form of grunge, heavy metal and rock.  These styles gave DJ Jimmy a very broad appreciation for music, realising that any music was able to positively change the mood of people...

Where it all started...

As his collection of music began to grow overtime his reputation began to grow as someone who “knew music”, and before long he was asked to control the music at a close friend’s 16th birthday party.  With no mixing equipment this started out in the form of selecting a large range of music and creating a ‘journey’ for the night that gradually built up to a high energy climax.  Many CD’s and hours of careful song selection saw 3 CD’s burnt that ended up as the play list for the night...

The first gig

After his first gig DJ Jimmy realised he needed more control over the music, so after a favour from a musically talented friend he was able to borrow a mixer and CD player. Combining this with another CD player and his parents sound system DJ Jimmy DJ’d his own 16th birthday party with the help of a friend who also loved music.  This taste gave the first real control of the music and from here on he knew what he had to do – save money and go shopping...

Starting with the right gear

It first started with the bare minimum, a Stanton RM3 mixer and Technics headphones.  Playing songs from two normal CD players didn’t quite cut it though as DJ Jimmy needed to blend the songs together…which saw his equipment list grow by the introduction of the Denon DN1800F.  At the time this was the nightclub industry standard CD player, so what better equipment to learn from right?  This enabled him to learn how to beatmix by listening to the music and adjusting the tempo accordingly, a skill many of today’s DJ’s lack as they simply look at the BPM (beats per minute) and match each song.  The desire to become a fully credible DJ saw the introduction of turntables to be able to play vinyl records and “scratch”.  Now his setup was fully loaded and the parties consistently came through...

Fast forward to now...

A regular flow of gigs continue to keep DJ Jimmy busy with any day of the week at any time seeing him behind the decks.  Weddings, parties, corporate events, schools and venue based work see a constant need to evolve and stay up to date with current trends.

His greatest and most ultimate feeling is when he see's people enjoying themselves through the music he has carefully selected and played.

The Family Man

DJ Jimmy is married with 3 kids in a very fun and energetic household where music is loved as much as he did when he started.  Music is always playing somewhere in the house often leading to regular lounge room dance-offs.  His equipment is ready to go at a moment’s notice between gigs for when people need a DJ, AnyTime.

Deal with a proper business

An extensive life in retail and small business has seen DJ Jimmy develop an emphasis on customer focus, ensuring that communication is always healthy and proactive.

The business's assets are fully insured, so attendance at any event can be done with full confidence of any outcome.  Furthermore full public liability insurance is held up to $20,000,000 AUD, because sometimes people like to have a little too much fun!

AnyTime DJ is a registered Australian business that provides invoicing of all event costs so you have full transparency of your business relationship.  


ABN: 34997952427

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ABN: 34997952427