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anytime DJ was started by DJ Jimmy, a DJ with over 20yrs years experience DJ'ing in Perth.  His love for music began very early on when his sister (being 5 years older than him) began introducing him to various types of music whilst in her own teenage years. Music ranged from dance, to R&B and pop.  Also heavily involved in music was DJ Jimmy’s brother who introduced the very alternative side to his sister’s music in the form of grunge, heavy metal and rock.  These styles gave DJ Jimmy a very broad appreciation for music, realising that any music was able to positively change the mood of people...

Fast forward 17years and anytime DJ was born to give DJ Jimmy a more formal presence on the Perth DJ scene.  18 months later DJ Ado (Adrian Glendinning) joined the team after presenting as a skilled DJ who carried all the other elements that DJ Jimmy felt embodied anytime DJ; huge positive energy, a critical understanding of high customer service, exceptional communicator and simply - someone who wants to have fun!

We firmly believe in "The Journey" when it comes to your that, it's not about the event itself, but everything that surrounds it.  anytime DJ has the responsibility to positively impact every part of the experience from the moment you enquire with us, to the deposit, to the planning, the lead up, the delivery on the night and the reflection back at the end.

DJ Jimmy

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The biggest energy down to the finest detail sums up DJ Jimmy...

Intrinsically understanding the power music has over people has led him to this very moment today.   Over almost 25 years DJ Jimmy has DJ'd for thousands of people on thousands of hours of dancefloors.  With his incredible talent and passion for music, he's developed a unique way of bringing it all together reflective of the crowds response to each and every song with each transition. Able to DJ at all types of private events, for people of all ages, right into your favourite night club DJ Jimmy's high energy and attention to detail enables him to deliver the perfect musical experience!



DJ Ado

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He adds energy to your life along with your room is we describe DJ Ado...

Known to leave people feeling energised after they spend time with him, DJ Ado has become universally known for his big personality and infectious thirst for big vibes.  DJ'ing hundreds of weddings over recent years has seen him carve out a strong fan base yearning for his content on social mediums. DJ Ado's clients all end up feeling like family with the extent of connection he builds with them.  This is often recognised by guests who are asking what part of the family he is from!  At the end of the day he see's himself as a part of your wedding, not at it!


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Our Clients Say...

"Our record breaking reviews are evidence of the profound impact we make on our clients throughout the entire journey we facilitate.  Please scroll across and have a read, or visit our Facebook page reviews section for the latest."

DJ Jimmy - Owner, Founder, DJ and MC

Deal with a proper business

An extensive life in retail and small business has seen both DJ Jimmy and DJ Ado develop an emphasis on customer focus, ensuring that communication is always healthy and proactive.

The business's assets are fully insured, so attendance at any event can be done with full confidence of any outcome.  Furthermore full public liability insurance is held up to $20,000,000 AUD, because sometimes people like to have a little too much fun!

AnyTime DJ is a registered Australian business that provides invoicing of all event costs so you have full transparency of your business relationship.  


Jimmy Arthur Filov as Trustee for the Filov Family Trust trading as 22759593581.

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